History - College of Liberal Arts - Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

History Faculty

Dr. David Blanke
Professor of History
U.S. Gilded Age and Progressive Era
Modern Popular Culture
U.S. Urban History

Dr. Jen Brown
Joe B. Frantz Associate Professor of History
Environmental History
Gulf of Mexico
Oral History and Podcasting

Dr. Adam Costanzo
Professional Associate Professor of History
U.S. History Survey Coordinator
Colonial and Early Republic American History
U.S. Urban History

Dr. Eric Covey
Visiting Assistant Professor of History
American Studies 
African Studies 
Middle East Studies

Dr. Timothy Scott Johnson
Visiting Professional Assistant Professor of History
Modern European History, Intellectual History

Dr. Kelly H. Jones
Visiting Assistant Professor of History
History of Medicine
U.S. Women's History
Asian History

Dr. Peter Moore
Professor of History
Chair, Department of Humanities
U.S. South
Early American history
American Religious history

Dr. Anthony Quiroz
Professor of History
Mexican American
U.S. Twentieth Century Political
U.S. Labor

Dr. Beth Robinson
Assistant Professor of History
Modern American Social History
U.S. Women's History
Labor History

Dr. Claudia Rueda 
Assistant Professor of History
Latin American History
Changes in the Cold War Era
Transnational Social Movements
Borderlands History

Dr. Sandrine Sanos
Professor of Modern European History
History MA Program Coordinator
Women's Studies Minor Coordinator
Modern European Cultural & Intellectual History
Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Dr. Robert Wooster
Regents Professor of History
U. S. Military History
Texas History
The American Civil War