A degree in Writing Studies prepares you for the future in ways that no other degree can, offering you the flexibility to choose half of the courses you will take to fit your personal interests, to build on your strengths, and to help you acquire new skills.

What Will We Do in Classes?

Your classes will be active, and you will learn to use writing by doing what writers do: generate ideas, plan, design, share ideas and work-in-progress with others, draft and revise, edit, present, and publish your work in multiple venues using various kinds of media. You will write, read, talk, listen, represent ideas visually / graphically, and view a multimedia texts. All of our writing courses meet in state of the art computer classrooms, enabling you to practice using the latest software and technology as you engage with all kinds of writing tasks.

Perhaps more important, our faculty ask students, "What would you like to do in a Writing Studies course"?

For example:

Interested in serving the community? Most writing courses have an aspect that deals with community service as exemplified by our grant writing course where students has written grants to fund projects such as a new refrigerated truck for the Food Bank of Corpus Christi.

Think Technical Writing can’t be fun? In our introductory technical and professional writing course, students have written zombie survival guides to help us prepare for when the zombie apocalypse arrives in South Texas!

Feel like your writing is not creative enough? Our creative writing classes offer ways to learn and become a more polished creative writer based on your concepts. Writers regularly publish their work, too.

Love to use computers or want to learn latest technology? Our Writing for Digital Media and Document Design courses are computer-based and provide you with practice using current apps for creating digital documents.

Ready for the future of writing? In the Writing for the Web Course, students create online portfolios, web pages, blogs, and reports to gain practice in creating, designing and delivering the content of the future.

One writer at work:


One of our classrooms: