Department of English - College of Liberal Arts - Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate English program at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi promotes the development of students’ analytic ability and critical understanding of language and written texts in English as well as their ability to compose texts in various genres through the study of literature, linguistics, and writing.

English majors will choose an emphasis in Literary Studies or Writing Studies.

  • The Literary Studies emphasis provides students with the skills to interpret and write about texts, including literary and filmic, within a range of historical and cultural contexts.
  • The Writing Studies emphasis allows students to develop their abilities to use writing in a variety of contexts and for a variety of purposes, and to develop an understanding of how writing operates in the world, through studies in rhetoric, literacy, and writing.

Both tracks give students skills as critical thinkers and communicators that will prepare them for a variety of different career paths, including law, business, teaching, and the sciences, as well as for graduate study.*

The undergraduate English program offers a major in English, curricula for secondary English certification, minors in Literary Studies and Creative Writing and certificates in Writing for Non-Profits and TESOL. It also participates in the interdisciplinary minors of Technical and Professional Writing and Women and Gender Studies (see descriptions under “Interdisciplinary Minors”). Upper-level courses in writing studies, linguistics, and literature may satisfy requirements for other disciplines and serve as electives for non-majors who wish to improve their analytic, writing, and technical skills and to broaden their experiences in the liberal arts.