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Meet a Few of Our Current Students

Fall 2019

Emille Moreno


TAMU-CC has been my academic home for several years, both as an undergraduate and graduate student. My undergraduate degree consisted of the microbiological sciences with a volunteer opportunity to study in an environmental microbiology lab. I minored in creative writing to pursue my interests in fiction and nonfiction in between my scientific courses. The balance between the two allowed me the opportunity to combine these interests, as reflected in my creative writing work. I briefly pursued one year of a MS in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics before enrolling into the English MA program. My academic trajectory shifted as I better understood my interests in developing my skills as a writer, both within the sciences and the humanities.

The English MA has provided a breadth of personal and professional experiences through my Graduate Assistantship and the CASA Writing Center. Both experiences have reinforced my understanding of how writing is processed and interpreted differently – an invaluable skill when writing pieces for either a specific or general audience. My current research lies in historical fiction, namely how women are depicted in power whether through political, physical, or psychological prowess.
My educational goals do not end with my English MA at TAMU-CC. I will pursue my PhD in healthcare administration to assist in policy making in either a teaching or research hospital. I have an interest in both health literacy and special populations (prosthesis and orthotics) administration. Within the realm of healthcare, I feel there is a disconnect between administration and the community, which I hope to address with my scientific background and my writing studies from TAMU-CC. My time at TAMU-CC has fostered my scientific inquiries alongside my writing studies without fail from a supportive faculty, assisting administration, and my fantastic cohorts.



Callie Walker


Though I grew up in the Coastal Bend, I came to TAMU-CC by way of South Korea, where I taught English for three years and lived for five years after completing my undergraduate degree in journalism/mass communications at Texas State University-San Marcos. I decided to pursue an MA in English to further develop my skills as a writer and educator.

My research interests are in American literature, and particularly immigrant narratives and transnational identity, which stems from my own time spent abroad and membership in a transnational family. I’m also interested in spatial theories and how the ways in which we’ve structured our world affect our everyday lives. At the 2018 Graduate Symposium at TAMU-CC, I presented a paper analyzing how individuals move across and through borders and binaries in Their Dogs Came With Them by Helena Maria Viramontes.

While at TAMU-CC, I’ve had the opportunity to gain a range of professional experiences through working as a graduate assistant for both the English Department and the Division of Institutional Advancement. Working in the CASA Writing Center and teaching English 1302 as a graduate teaching assistant have allowed me to work with student writers in one-on-one and classroom settings, developing my own “best practices” for facilitating the development of students’ abilities to use writing for myriad purposes.

I plan to use my English MA to pursue work in Higher Education Development/University Advancement and eventually earn a PhD in an English or Communications-related field. I am passionate about making the pursuit of education and knowledge more accessible to those who desire it, while advocating for the importance of higher education to developing and maintaining an informed citizenry.








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