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English the Way It’s Meant to be Studied.

Applied Linguistics - Literature - Writing

We offer a Master’s in English built for success in the 21st century. Interested in the interaction between aspects of culture and language? Take courses in Applied Linguistics. Want to evolve your curriculum to inspire your students to think more critically about current issues and ethical questions? Learn how in our Literature courses. Got a business or non-profit website you want to take to the next level? Pick up the necessary skills in Writing courses.

Ready for new intellectual challenges that will refine your critical thinking skills, open up new fields of study, and increase your talents as a writer?

Join us for an interdisciplinary educational experience through which you will enrich your understanding of language, books, and writing to prepare you for several professional futures, from entrepreneurship and education to government service and the professoriate. You can expect to study a range of intersecting subjects that will expand your world and increase your skills exponentially. For instance, our sociolinguistics course on World Englishes is complemented by the study of transnational approaches to American literatures. Courses that delve into the study of trauma, visual rhetoric of memorials, and “crip” forms build off one another.

Your interest in an M.A. degree may stem from your current on-the-job needs or from a desire to deepen your study of a particular area. Our program is flexible and our students are encouraged to tailor it to their interests. Whether you would like to take a general approach to all English Studies has to offer or have a targeted research area, our program fits the bill. Find out more about what our current students are working on here.