Communication Studies



BA in Communication Studies

The BA in Communication Studies develops students’ understanding of theories, research, and skills associated with the everyday exchange of messages, better known as human communication.  A variety of contexts in which messages are exchanged, including interpersonal, small group, organizational, intercultural, and public communication, are explored through various course offerings in this track.  Coursework is designed to prepare students for communication jobs or positions in related fields, such as public relations, sales, human resources management, and training and development, among many others, or to pursue advanced degrees in communication or related disciplines upon graduation.

Download the course rotation schedule here.

Comm and Media Week

Comm and Media Week is an annual spring event planned in conjunction with COMM Club. The schedule is designed to showcase aspects of communication and media in our personal and professional lives. Students and community members enjoy a variety of events and seminars such as film screenings, guest lectures from communication and media professionals and scholars, and a career night designed to sharpen job-seeking skills. For more information about Comm and Media Week, please contact Ethan Thompson at


COMM Club provides undergraduate students majoring or minoring in Communication an opportunity to serve their campus and local communities. Members participate in professional opportunities, engage in departmental recruitment efforts, and network with students and professionals who share an interest in Communication.  For more information, contact Kellie Smith at

Lambda Pi Eta

Lambda Pi Eta (LPH) is the official communication studies honor society of the National Communication Association (NCA). Lambda Pi Eta has nearly 300 active chapters at colleges and universities worldwide. Students who meet the requirements for membership will be sent an invitation to be inducted into Lambda Pi Eta. Requirements: (1) Completed at least 60 credit hours, (2) Completed at least 12 credit hours in Communication at TAMU-CC, (3) Have an overall GPA of 3.0 or above, (4) Have a GPA of 3.25 or higher in all Communication coursework, and (5) Be in good standing with the university. All Lambda Pi Eta members will receive a membership certificate, lapel pin, and honors cords for graduation. For more information, contact Dr. Michael Sollitto at


Communication internships give students course credit for valuable practical experience working in their fields and making connections before they conduct those all-important job searches. Additionally, local internships involve students in the greater life of their community and campus, further linking the university and the South Texas area. Student interns gain practical experience and professional contacts, but they also mature and develop their profiles as soon-to-be college graduates and working professionals. We encourage students to also explore out-of-state and international internships, believing that those experiences will greatly expand students’ educations and marketability for jobs.

Communication studies majors, communication studies minors, and public relations minors with at least junior standing at the university who have achieved a minimum of 3.0 overall GPA qualify for a communication internship. Students who do not meet the overall GPA threshold may be given consideration if their major or minor GPA is a good deal higher than 3.0. Interns work a minimum of 120 hours in their positions, across a long semester or a 10-week summer session; students may do up to 3 internships for course credit. Contact department internship coordinator Dr. Michelle Maresh-Fuehrer at

Senior Seminar

The Senior Seminar class provides students an opportunity to incorporate the skills, concepts, and theories that they have learned throughout their communication studies program into a scholarly project.  Students will have the opportunity to refine their academic knowledge and skills in ways that are useful for both professional opportunities and graduate school.  Contact Rachelle Stanley at for more information.

Minors & Certification

We offer minors in communication studies, public relations and digital journalism and a teacher certification in speech.  The minors in public relations and digital journalism go hand-in-hand with each of the two majors within the department. They also provide skills that could compliment any major within TAMU-CC. The minor in the communication studies is tailored for people who do not major in communication studies, though it may still pair well with a major in media arts.  Students interested in teaching can opt to earn their secondary certification by taking 30 hours to complete the teacher certification in speech.  Contact Rachelle Stanley at for more information.


Nearly $15,000 in competitive scholarships is available annually for communication majors at TAMU-CC.  More information and applications can be found by visiting the Scholarship Programs page at  The annual application deadline is March 1 and scholarship notifications are sent in May.