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Liberal Arts Advising

The College of Liberal Arts Center for Academic Advising is dedicated to ensuring student success.  Our professional advisors help students set and reach their academic and personal career goals; they inform students of educational opportunities and assist them in finding campus resources and services.

LOCATION:  The Whatley Academic Advising Center is located on the second floor of the Driftwood Building.  TAMUCC Campus Map

PHONE: 361-825-3466

"Academic advising is an educational process that facilitate student's understanding of the meaning and purpose of higher education." (NACADA, 2004)


Undergraduate and Graduate Students,

The safety seminar will be your responsibility to register for as it is now linked to the required courses as a co-requisite.

If you enroll in any Art Studio course (with the exception of Design I, Drawing classes and Art Activities),  or Theatre Production Lab, you are also required to enroll in SMTE 0097 Art Student Safety Seminar (CRN:54585) or SMTE 0098 Theatre Student Safety Seminar (CRN: 54606).

This course is designed to prepare students for safety in the studios/labs.

It is zero credits and at no additional cost, but it is REQUIRED.

You are only required to do this once a term regardless of how many studios/labs you are enrolled in.

Two ways to add are:

  1. Add the SMTE FIRST, hit save, then complete your schedule
  2. Add the SMTE AT THE SAME TIME as your studios/lab, hit save, then complete your schedule.

Some content may be addressing science studios/labs, but the safety office deems it appropriate for our Art and Theatre students for this term.

You will be required to retake the quiz until you get a 100%.

We must comply in order to meet requirements set forth by the state.

Simply log in to Blackboard and complete the presentation and quiz:

Once completed, print out the certificate and turn it in to your studio/lab professors. You should provide a copy for each studio/lab you are enrolled in.

For technical support, contact David Weaver or Nathaniel Galvan.