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TAMUCC's Dept. of Theatre & Dance Alumni
and Corpus Christi State University Theatre Alumni:

The TAMUCC Department of Theatre & Dance is interested in
knowing what  you are doing and where you are working. 
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Alison Frost, Theatre PR



Aaron Arroyo

Actor:  Utah Shakespeare Festival;  MFA in Acting at University of California @ Irvine

Aj Knight

Best Actor Nashville Film Festival; Youtube:  Martin Garrix feat. Usher

Alex Moore

Actor:  Pegasus Theatre; Voice Overs

Amanda White

Associate:  Theatre for New Audiences; Manhattan Theatre Club, NY

Bianca Hooi

MFA in Stage Management, Yale University; About Face Theatre, Chicago, IL; NYC Fringe Festival, NYC, NY

Carly Cason

Actor:  Horn in the West; Tweetsie Railroad; Stitcher/Wardrobe:  Utah Shakespeare Festival

Christin Ollre

Actor:  Disney World; Disney Princess

Cody Lindley

iO Chicago; Actor's Equity, Chicago, Illinois

Cory Kosel

MFA in Acting at SMU

Dillon Scott

Actor:  “When He’s Gone” LA

Emily Roeder

MFA in Musical Performance, Northern Illinois University

Hannah Kellar

Actor:  Missoula Children’s Theatre

Heather Williams

Executive Director / Producer, Two Beards Theatre

Ian Williams

MFA in Sound Design, Yale University

Ismael Lara

Site Coordinator Cleveland Playhouse

Jacob Henry

Co-Founder / Executive Director, Two Beards Theatre Company, Austin, Texas; MFA Sound Design, Texas Tech

Jeremiah Clapp

Actor:  Colonial Theatre Shakespeare; Hamlet & Twelfth Night;  MFA Acting Ensemble Member at the Cleveland Playhouse

Kat Ludwig

Stitcher--Triad Stage, Greensboro, NC

Kayla Gaar

MFA in Acting at University of Nevada at Las Vegas

Kevin C. Fredrick

Actor:  Los Angeles; MFA in Acting at CalArts

Kevin Johnson

Sound Designer:  Timber Lake Playhouse

Leah Cordova

Actor:  Samsung Commercial, LA

Marco Muñoz

MFA in Acting at Penn State

Mariah Claiborne

MFA in Acting at Penn State

Nancy Yanez

Stage Manager:  Seaworld, San Antonio

Ollie Corchado

Actor:  Cincinnati Playhouse, Milwaukee Repertory 

Rainy Edwards

MFA in Costume Design at Florida State University

Raymond Gutierrez

MFA in Arts Administration at CalArts & MBA at TAMUCC

Riley Wood

Lighting Designer: Timber Lake Playhouse

Rose Karnes

Actor:  Stella Adler Acting Studio, NYC, NY

Sarah White

Actor:  Stolen Shakespeare Guild, Dallas

Sterling Burton Arroyo

Actor / Marketer: South Coast Repertory Theatre, CA

Steven Martin

Actor:  “This Is Our Time” LA

Tatum Swann

Actor:  Second City, Chicago

Tiana Liu

Costume Designer:  Shanghai Disney;  MFA in Costume Design at Univ. of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign

Tori Micaletti

Actor:  Escape Hunt Dallas

Travis Delgado

Actor:  Lookinglass Theatre, Chicago; Chicago Fire

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