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Social Science Research Center

Bold Future for the Coastal Bend

City of Corpus Christi Citizens Survey

This report marks the fourth consecutive year that the City of Corpus Christi and the Social Science Research Center at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi have collaborated on the development and administration of a citizen’s survey. The main objective of the research has focused on obtaining citizens’ perceptions of service quality on roughly 40-45 City programs and/or departments. This year’s survey instrument included questions regarding 41 service and quality of life issues ranging from police and fire protection to keeping citizens informed about matters which affect them. Other questions addressed impressions of city employees, modes of city communication with the citizenry and the city’s business practices.

Coastal Bend Regional Planning Tools

Data profiles for each of the 12 counties of the Coastal Bend Region are available in the form of Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, and descriptive reports. The data were collected and compiled under a contract with the Coastal Bend Work-Force Development Board, Worforce1 under a general mission to provide data on demographic and labor market information to Workforce 1. A corresponding data set for the State of Texas was also compiled.

A set of 88 indicators were selected for the county profiles as 17 additional indicators for each school district in the 12 county area. The indicators cover the following areas:

- Demographics
- Youth Crime
- Adult Crime
- Victimization
- Education
- Economic Deprivation
- Occupational Data
- Social Services
- Health Data, and
- Quality of Life


Nueces County Safe Communities Driver Safety Public Education Campaign

Brochures and fliers created to promote a driver education and information campaign that targets speeding, DWI, aggressive driving, distracted driving, and occupant protection use especially among Hispanic drivers in support of the Nueces County Safe Communities Plan.

Regional Heath Care Assessment

United Way Data Mapping Project

Youth Opportunities United (YOU) Data Collection & Analysis Data

The YOU Data Collection & Analysis Office has been in operation since January 2001. The office is responsible for the ongoing collection and analysis of data on juvenile delinquency risk factors.

This information is provided to anyone in the community who may find the tools included useful for planning and grant writing. These tools may be useful for the creation of community presentations, training, or workshops. Permission is granted to use materials in the tools for all these purposes.