Department of Criminal Justice- College of Liberal Arts - Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

Criminal Justice Program

The Criminal Justice Program leads to Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and supports the Bachelor of Applied Science Degree with courses applicable to Criminal Justice. Community and Mental Health, and Legal Studies tracks.

The Program has two main objectives:

  • to provide an advanced understanding of the criminal justice  system and its components
  • to provide either a concentration of knowledge and application of skills in specialized subfield of study or a broad exploration of the discipline based on individual students needs through the selection of disciplinary electives.

B.S. in Criminal Justice

The curriculum is planned to offer preparation for a professional career in integrating a core of Criminal Justice courses into a general program of the arts, sciences, humanities and social sciences.  The student, in consultation with faculty, will determine the most desirable course offerings from core courses and recommended electives to achieve his/her  particular educational goals.  The program may be used as preparation for entry into graduate work or law school.  Criminal Justice courses are recommended as social science electives for non-majors.

Graduates will be able to:

  • understand the operation and purposes of the major components of the criminal justice system(police, courts, and corrections).
  • critically analyze the criminal justice system and its aims and objectives.
  • apply professional standards of writing and research to criminal justices issues.

All students are required to apply for and be granted admission through the TAMUCC Office of Admissions in order to enroll in classes at the University.

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