Psychology Faculty

TAMUCC Department of Psychology and Sociology

Pamela, Brouillard Psy.D.

Pamela J. Brouillard, Psy.D.
Professor, Department Chair
Bay Hall 309
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Research Interests: Dr. Brouillard’s primary research interests include psychological factors that impact health behaviors. Recent studies have examined the relationships between a) science knowledge and complementary and alternative medicine use, b) health behaviors and gender and ethnicity, c) gender and sexuality in relation to risky sexual behaviors), d) health behaviors and obesity in children, and e) promoting health behaviors with ethnically sensitive interventions.                              

Teaching Interests: Abnormal Psychology, Psychotherapy, Health Psychology, Drug Use & Abuse, Gender Issues in Psychology

Lisa Comparini Ph.D.

Lisa Comparini, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Bay Hall 317

Research Interests: Dr. Comparini is interested in the interface between language, identity and culture, all from a developmental perspective. Earlier work done with Mexican heritage preschoolers and their mothers highlights ways in which language is a form of social action through which children learn important social interactive skills related to power and social positioning that are relevant to their cultural context. A related area of interest is in language and perspective taking among preschool peers.  The focus here is on children’s spontaneous cooperative and competitive peer interactions as sites for the development of social perspective-taking. A third area of interest is in learning as taking place within communities of practice. Here the emphasis is on learning as a process of identity development that includes the increasingly effective and collaborative use of discipline appropriate tools (e.g. objects, discourses) by novices and experts and how the development of such practices is meaningful in relation to certain ideals or future outcomes, even when those futures are themselves being re-envisioned.       

 Teaching Interests: Developmental Psychology, History & Systems of psychology, Cross-cultural Psychology, Language Development

Pilar Galiana, Ph. D.

Amanda Foy, MA, LPC, LSSP
Professional Assistant Professor
Bay Hall 224C

Research Interests

 Teaching Interests: General Psychology and Developmental Psychology

Gina Glanc Ph.D.

Gina Glanc, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Bay Hall 313

Research Interests: Dr. Glanc received her Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio in 2008.  She is currently conducting research in human memory. More specifically, she is investigating the effects of orthographic neighborhood size and retrieval practice on recognition and recollection processes.  She is also involved in collaboration with the Department of Neuroscience at Rice University to study memory changes in aging adults.

 Teaching Interests: Physiological Psychology, Sensation and Perception, Measurement and Statistics, General Psychology

Mark Hartlaub Ph.D.

Mark Hartlaub, Ph.D.
Professor and Interim Dean 
Faculty Center 203

Teaching Interests:  General Psychology, History & Systems, Psychology of Religion

Sam Hill, Psy.D.

Sam Hill, Psy.D.
Associate Professor
Office: Bay Hall 315
Phone: 361-825-2394

Research Interests:  Dr. Hill is interested in the ecological psychology of Autism and in developing research paradigms in Autism. His most recent project is a pilot study in which hundreds of minute behaviors that occur simultaneously in the course of the subject’s daily time sample will be analyzed to interpret and predict behavior from process analysis of non-verbal subjects through facial expression and body posture and movement. It hypothesized that these facial expressions, body movements, and postures are the result of person-environment-reciprocal interactions, and that the Autistic person makes an unconscious calculation of objects, places their needs and determines the physical, psychological and social resources needed to attain that goal. 

Teaching Interests:  Theories of Personality, Child Psychopathology, Psychological Assessment

Amy Houlihan, Ph.D.

Amy Houlihan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator
Office: Bay Hall 311
Phone: 361-825-2971

Research Interests: Dr. Houlihan’s research interests involve the application of social psychology to physical health.  In particular, she does work on health risk behavior among adolescents and young adults (e.g., risky sexual behavior, heavy drinking).  Much of this research involves examining social and personal characteristics that predict risky behavior, such as stressful situations and low self-control. Recent projects include a study on the attitudinal effects of the initiation of sexual behavior and a study of predictors of risky sexual behavior among Hispanic/Latino college students.  Dr. Houlihan is also interested in psychosocial predictors of HPV vaccination and HPV-related attitudes.

Teaching Interests: Social Psychology, Health Psychology, Human Sexuality, General Psychology

Troy Martinez, Psy. D.

Troy Martinez, Psy.D.
Clinical Instructor of Psychology
Bay Hall 356

Teaching Interests: Forensic Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Intellectual Assessment, Personality Assessment

Robert Mims, Ph. D.

Robert Mims, Ph.D.
Clinical Instructor of Psychology
Bay Hall 356

Teaching Interests: Psychopharmacology, Psychotherapy: Theories and Techniques, Abnormal Psychology, Clinical Psychology

Miguel Moreno, Ph. D.

Miguel Moreno, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Bay Hall 312

Research Interests: Dr. Moreno’s research interest focuses mainly on cognitive processing.  This year he is working on a manuscript that investigates the decision process and the rules that our minds use to evaluate different choices.  This work on decision processes is being extended to future research on intentions to start cancer detection measures in women.  This upcoming study looks at whether cancer detection behavior is influenced by the way information about susceptibility is presented with a focus on mortality as compared to a focus on survival.  Studies that Dr. Moreno is currently supervising with graduate students involve the manipulation of anxiety that shy people experience when interacting with strangers.

 Teaching Interests: Cognitive Psychology, Learning and Behavior, Psychology of Language, Biological Bases of Behavior

Steven D. Seidel, Ph. D.

Steven D. Seidel, Ph.D.
Bay Hall 314

Research Interests: Dr. Seidel’s research interests include topics in social cognition, close relationships, and happiness. He has always been a fan of cognitive dissonance and the self-justification model. Currently, he is exploring the degree of volitional control humans have regarding their own enjoyment of a task. In addition, Dr. Seidel is interested in looking at processes related to maintaining satisfaction and happiness in relationships. Blending aspects of interdependency theory and self-justification, Dr. Seidel is particularly interested in the maintenance of expectancy levels within relationships. Dr. Seidel’s other interests have involved exploring new measures of dyadic personality (the personality of a couple) and the role implicit beliefs have on worker productivity. 

Teaching Interests: Close Relationships, Social Psychology, Research Methods, General Psychology

Anthony Zoccolillo, Ph. D.

Anthony Zoccolillo, Ph.D.
Professional Assistant Professor
Bay Hall 318

Teaching Interests: General Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Popular Culture