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Dr. Robert Wooster

Regent's Professor of History 

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 Faculty Center - 269
 Mailing Unit - 5814
 Phone: (361) 825-2402
 E-mail: robert.wooster@tamucc.edu

Dr. Robert Wooster

 19th Century U.S. Military History
 The American Civil War
 Texas History


 B. A. - Lamar University
 M. A. - Lamar University
 Ph.D. - University of Texas


Two brief quotations -- one by a historian; the other by a poet, soldier, and politician -- best describe my decision to become, and to remain, a university history professor. "A people without history is like a man without memory," wrote the historian, Henry Steele Commager, "each generation would have to learn everything anew -- make the same discoveries, invent the same tools and techniques, wrestle with the same problems, commit the same errors." The second comes from Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar, second elected president of the Republic of Texas: "A cultivated mind is the guardian genius of democracy." My teaching and scholarship are rooted in the belief that a workable democratic republic depends upon an educated citizenry. Without citizens who are informed about both the past and the present and who are capable of independent thinking, we are doomed to ignorance and tyranny. By assisting Americans to explore and understand how contemporary society has developed, I hope to encourage the acquisition of the skills necessary for the functioning of a free society.



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      Kindle Edition

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Robert M. Utley Award, Western History Association, 2010

General and Mrs. Matthew B. Ridgeway History Research Grant, U.S. Army Military History Institute, 2009

Regents Professor, Texas A&M University System, 2008

Southwest Book Award, 2008

Distinguished Book Award Finalist, Army Historical Foundation, 2003

Fellow, Texas State Historial Association, 2002

Piper Professor, 1998

History Book Club Selection, Summer 1993

Kte Broocks Bates Award for Historical Research prior to 1900 (Texas State Historical Association)

T.R. Fehrenbach Award (Texas Historical Commission)

Certificate of Recognition (San Antonio Conservation Society)

Certificate of Commendation (American Association for State and Local History)


U. S. History to 1865
U. S. Military History
The American Civil War
Historical Research and Writing
Research Seminar:  The American Civil War
Texas History