History - College of Liberal Arts - Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

Dr. Timothy Scott Johnson

Visiting Professional Assistant Professor of History  

Contact Information:
 Faculty Center - Rm 253C
 Mailing Unit - 5814
 Phone: (361) 825-2376
 E-mail: timothy.johnson@tamucc.edu 


Research Interests                                                                                       
 European Intellectual History
 Historical Theory


Ph.D., City University of New York Graduate Center, 2016
M.Phil., City University of New York Graduate Center, 2012
B.A., Denison University, 2007


My goal as an educator is not to drill series of facts into students’ heads—though facts do matter!—but to teach skills based in critical thinking, analysis, and historical inquiry. As James Baldwin once explained, “History is not the past. It is the present. We carry our history with us. We are our history.” Understanding the history of our world is about understanding who we are in our present and who we want to be. I orient my courses around understanding how past persons understood themselves and the world they inhabited as well as how those past histories have contributed to our present.



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