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Dr. David Blanke

Professor of History  

Contact Information:
 Faculty Center - Rm 265
 Mailing Unit - 5814
 Phone: (361) 825-2373
 E-mail: david.blanke@tamucc.edu

Dr. David Blanke


Destiny of Choice

Hell on Wheels


 The 1910s

Sowing the American Dream


Area of specialization:                                                                                          
 U.S. Gilded Age and Progressive Era History
 U.S. Modern Popular Culture
 U.S. Urban History


 Ph.D., M.A., Loyola University Chicago
 B.S. University of Kentucky                                                                             


History requires no special training, avoids arcane terms and abstract concepts, and strives for clarity and precision. Students willing to read, write, and research the past will find few barriers.

The one essential requirement of historians is that our observations, arguments, and conclusions be based on evidence.

While history is not equipped to discover the "truth," it is remarkably adept at isolating and examining the questions and concerns that frame peoples' lives. This property provides students of history with a powerful intellectual tool that can empower and liberate them in ways they might not fully expect. As the writer James Baldwin once remarked, "If I am not who you say I am, then you are not what you think you are." History can help students to better understand and contextualize their place in a modern society as well as to empathize with those who came before them.
My classes are practical exercises in training students to "think historically." They focus on developing skills - such as critical thinking, source analysis, literature reviews, research, and clear communication - rather than simply the memorization of content. I encourage students who might be interested in studying history at the undergraduate or graduate level to contact me or another History area faculty member directly.


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Contributor and commentator for "The Cars that Made America," a three-part documentary aired by The History Channel (premiered August, 2017) )(http://www.history.com/shows/the-cars-that-made-america)

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Courses offered:
 U.S. Survey Since 1865
 U.S. Urban History
 U.S. Gilded Age and Progressive Era
 U.S. Modern Popular Culture