Bachelor of Art in Graphic Design

120 total degree hours, 54 major hours in graphic design, 18 elective hours

Graphic Design is a creative and inspiring process that combines art and technology to communicate ideas and information visually from client to audience. Rooted in traditional art and design foundations, the focus of the Graphic Design curriculum is to educate and inform students of the impact design can make through the exploration of diverse problem-solving methodologies, innovative investigations, and creative research in all forms of visual communication.  Through their studio work, Graphic Design majors will address issues stressing social and cultural awareness, integration of new technology, and sustainable practices while being prepared to enter into the evolving creative industry.


In addition to the University Core Curriculum, the following courses are required for the BA in Graphic Design:

ARTS 1303 Art History Survey I*
ARTS 1304 Art History Survey II
ARTS 1311 Design I
ARTS 1316 Drawing I
ARTS 2311 Design III Color
ARTS 2356 Photography
GRDS 1301 Foundations of Graphic Design
GRDS 1302 Typography I
GRDS 2301 Historical Perspectives of Graphic Design
GRDS 2302 Design Studio I    


In addition to the required coursework above, students are encouraged to participate in our internship program during their junior and senior years. Internships are for course credit and count as an upper division elective. Assistance in attaining internship positions is provided.
Ongoing internships are typically available with local publications, non-profit organizations, city offices, advertising agencies, video production companies, tourists attractions, small businesses and large corporations.


A number of academic scholarships are available to students who apply. Typically, a minimum GPA of 3.0 as well as portfolio of recent work is required for application. Awards range from $500 to $2,000 per semester. Ask your faculty advisor how to apply! 

GRDS 3301 Typography II    
GRDS 3302 Design Studio II
GRDS 3303 Design for Good    
GRDS 3305 Packaging Design
GRDS 3310 Corporate Identity
GRDS 4304 Emerging Technologies    
GRDS 4306 Publication and Editorial Design
GRDS 4309 Design in Advertising
GRDS 4310 Portfolio and Professional Practices
Applied Experience Internship


18 hours of elective coursework in your area of interest is provided. Students are encouraged to choose electives which compliment their career path. Courses in fine art, marketing, media production and communication are a few disciplines which are popular among students. 


Students undergo a formal review of their creative coursework in order to enroll in additional courses. There are two reviews a student will encounter during their matriculation. The Lower-Level review occurs when the student completes their first year of coursework. The Upper-Level review occurs after the student completes their first semester of the junior (3rd) year. Discerning admission into the major ensures elevated professionalism of program graduates. Requirements include a portfolio review of course design works and a reflexive essay. For more information about the review processes see your faculty advisor

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Master of Fine Arts, Graphic Design


The M.F.A. in Studio Art is designed to enable students to develop superior graphic design proficiency, knowledge of higher education pedagogy and practices, and an in-depth understanding of art history and criticism. The Master of Fine Arts degree is sufficient for independent study or a career in higher education post-graduation. 

Degree Requirements

All students must complete with a grade of “B” or better and a total of 60 semester hours in art. Students will take a minimum of ten courses (30 semester hours) in graphic design. Students may choose a minor study area in studio art from among painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, ceramics, and sculpture.

Periodic Critique: The major studio work of each student will be critiqued by the Department of Art + Design faculty after the completion of 18 semester hours; subsequent faculty reviews of major studio work will occur each semester. See graduate handbook for specific information regarding these critiques.

Exit Requirements: Each student must prepare a professional one-person M.F.A. exhibition and thesis paper that must be reviewed favorably by the graduate faculty. Passing an oral comprehensive examination administered by the graduate faculty is also required before the degree may be awarded. The oral comprehensive examination may be repeated once. A second failure will result in termination from the program.

Assistantships: Teaching assistantships are required of graduate students once they have completed 18 semester hours in their major area of study. Prior to teaching, students will be mentored by their faculty.


Examples of Student Work

Recent Student Work 2016/2017

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Rich Gere, M.F.A.

Rich Gere, M.F.A.
Chair, Department of Art + Design
Professor of Art

Nancy Miller, M.F.A.

Nancy Miller, M.F.A.
Graphic Design Program Coordinator
Assistant Professor of Art,
Graphic Design

Andrea Hempstead

Andrea Hempstead, M.F.A. 
Assistant Professor of Art,
Graphic Design

Mrs. Heather Seeger

Heather Seeger, M.F.A.
Adjunct Instructor of Art,
e-learning Graphic Design

Alexandria Canchola

Alexandria Canchola, M.F.A. 
Assistant Professor of Art,
Graphic Design

Dr. Laura Petican

Laura Petican, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor of Art, 
Art History

Mr. Louis Katz

Louis Katz, M.F.A
Professor of Art, Ceramics

Ryan O'Malley

Ryan O'Malley, M.F.A.
Associate Professor of Art, Printmaking
Graduate Coordinator

Meg Aubrey

Meg Aubrey, M.F.A.
Assistant Professor of Art,
Painting and Drawing
ARTS Foundations Coordinator

Dr. Rote

Carey Rote, Ph.D.
Professor of Art, Art History

Leticia Bajuyo

Leticia Bajuyo, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor of Art,

Greg Reuter

Greg Reuter, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor of Art,

Joe Pena

Joe Peña, M.F.A.
Associate Professor of Art,
Jenn Garza

Jennifer Garza-Cuen, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor of Art,

David Hill

David Hill

Professional Assistant Professor,
Galleries Manager

Mandy Syamken

Mandy Syamken

Dept. of Art + Design
Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Arnold

Jennifer Arnold
Academic Advisor
Undergraduate Students