Department of English - College of Liberal Arts - Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

Graduate Program

Our MA in English offers students an innovative curriculum, a dynamic faculty, and many opportunities for professional development. Our graduates continue into Ph.D. programs, become faculty at two year colleges, work in industry or in government service, and serve as highly successful teachers in the public schools. Our combination of a challenging curriculum and personalized attention ensures that our graduates are ready for a wide variety of careers.

Meet Our Current Students

O'Lena Simmons


My name is O’lena, and I am a graduate student, administrator, teacher, and multilingual writer at TAMU-CC. I was born in the Ukraine and have been always passionate about languages – English, Ukrainian or Russian. That is why I got my first Degree in Education as a teacher of Ukrainian and English from National Pedagogical University (Ukraine).

This is my second year at TAMU-CC, and, in addition to the challenges that education in U.S. brings to an international student like myself, every class reveals the knowledge I have never had access to earlier, commitment, exploration, and the joy of communication with likeminded people.

As a second language learner, I am interested in various approaches that help L2 students improve their proficiency, develop writing skills in order to achieve desired outcomes in higher education and become successful in U.S. or worldwide. My current research is devoted to re-conceptualizing existing stereotypes to understanding L2 writing. My final project will be presented in March at the Conference on College Composition and Communication under the title “Re-languaging Second Language Writing.”

After graduating from the Master’s Program at TAMU-CC, I am going to continue my career in higher education as administrator and language instructor. My long-term goals are to become a Director of International Program for ESL students at TAMU-CC, and start a special educational program in Ukraine that will provide students and teachers with modern, innovative, and up-to-date tendencies in English studies and pedagogy.

Danyela Fonseca


As a Corpus Christi native, TAMU-CC was a convenient choice for my undergraduate work. I studied Chemistry, with a concentration in Biochemistry, along with a double major in Biomedical Sciences and a minor in English. Initially, I had hoped to pursue a career as a medical doctor, but ultimately I decided on a career in health law as a way to address the issues I noticed as a pre-medical student. Because of my minor in English, I worked closely with the English faculty at TAMU-CC. Their enthusiasm and varied specialties challenged my previous ways of thinking and drew me back to TAMU-CC for the English graduate program, wherein I planned to refine my analytical and critical literacy skills in preparation for my future law career.

Currently, I am a part-time graduate student in the program, and as a transdisciplinary scholar, I have fused the fields of science and English. I aim to contribute to the rethinking and restructuring of education and culture in the American medical field. Last year at the TAMUCC graduate symposium, I presented an analysis on the gender and racial disparities within the culture of contemporary medicine as read in Damon Tweedy’s Black Man in a White Coat. This project has since expanded into my thesis, which focuses on six different memoirs written by physicians of color, and is scheduled to be defended Fall 2018.

I hope to attend law school after I complete my graduate work, and I firmly believe the knowledge and skills I have gained from TAMUCC’s English graduate program will help me get there. In the meantime, I am working as a Writing Consultant at the TAMUCC Writing Center. With this position, I enjoy representing the transdisciplinary scholar that I am, and advocating strong reading and writing skills for all disciplines.