Comm and Media Week
When: End of March/Beginning of April
Contact: Dr. Ethan Thompson,
Comm and Media Week is an annual series of events which showcase aspects of communication and media in our personal and professional lives, encouraging critical engagement and discussion outside of the classroom. The schedule is designed to bring students into contact with visiting scholars, professionals, community members, and alumni. For more information, visit


South Texas Cinémathèque Screening Series
When: Fall & Spring Semesters
The South Texas Cinémathèque, a collaborative screening series run by The Department of Communication & Media and the Art Museum of South Texas, is designed to broaden students' exposure to independent film by bringing internationally recognized filmmakers to Corpus Christi for discussions, screenings, and lectures. South Texas Cinémathèque's past guests are recipients of some of the most prestigious awards given in independent film. The series gives students rare opportunities to interact with internationally recognized film artists while broadening their understanding of the filmmaking process.

Student Showcase

Every spring the Media Production Student Showcase offers students an opportunity to screen their coursework to live audiences in a theatrical environment. Selective inclusion in the showcase provides students with networking opportunities and serves as a portfolio-building event. Check out the films from our 2018-2019 showcase here!