Minors & Certification

(*Students should consult their Academic Advisor to ensure that they have current information pertaining to their catalog year)

Minor in Communication Studies

The minor in Communication Studies consists of 18 hours of Communication course work. Four courses are required:

  • COMM 1318 Interpersonal Communication OR COMM 2333 Small Group Communication
  • COMM 2335 Presentational Communication
  • COMM 3310 Communication Theory
  • COMM 4345 Intercultural Communication

 The remaining two courses consist of selections from the following electives:

  • COMM 3311 Nonverbal Communication
  • COMM 3320 Business and Professional Communication
  • COMM 3325 Relational Communication
  • COMM 3350 Leadership
  • COMM 4314 Gender Communication
  • COMM 4325 Research Methods
  • COMM 4335 Crisis Communication
  • COMM 4350 Organizational Communication
  • COMM 4360 International Leadership
  • COMM 4390 Topics in Communication Studies
  • COMM 4399 Communication Internship
  • MEDA 3380 New Media and Communication

Minor in Public Relations

Public relations (PR) is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. PR strategy has evolved alongside technological advances, and organizations are now required to connect with diverse publics using a variety of platforms. The core courses in the public relations minor provide students with a diverse skill set in public relations writing, research, strategy, and crisis communication. Students should utilize electives to gain skills in supplemental areas such as production, digital journalism, marketing, and persuasion.

The minor consists of 21 semester hours, which include 5 core courses. At least 15 hours for the minor must be upper division. Students who select this minor must consult with the Faculty Advisor to the Public Relations Minor prior to completing 6 semester hours of coursework listed in the program. The minor declaration must be filed with the Advisor in the College of Liberal Arts.

Students must complete the following required courses: (15 hours)

  • COMM 2330 Introduction to Public Relations
  • MEDA 2350 Media Performance
  • COMM 4331 Public Relations Campaigns (Prerequisite: COMM 2330)
  • COMM 4335 Crisis Communication
  • COMM 4394 Professional PR Portfolio (Prerequisites: COMM 2330, MEDA 2350, COMM 4331, COMM 4335)

Students may select from the following courses: (6 hours)

  • COMM 3320 Business and Professional Communication
  • COMM 3330 Persuasion
  • COMM 4350 Organizational Communication
  • COMM 4399 Communication Internship
  • ENGL 3301 Technical and Professional Writing
  • GRDS 2302 Design Studio I
  • MEDA 3380 New Media and Communication
  • MEDA 4340 Advertising Criticism
  • MKTG 3310 Principles of Marketing

Minor in Digital Journalism

The Digital Journalism minor will prepare TAMU-CC students for jobs within the ever-changing field of journalism. Within the core, students will learn the history and development of mass media within the United States, newswriting, legal, and ethical issues surrounding journalism and interviewing skills. Through elective credits, students will have the opportunity to take courses in the supporting areas of graphic design, web development, photography, video production, and media consumption.

Digital Journalism Core (9 hours)

  • MEDA 1307 Media & Society
  • MEDA 2311 Media Writing
  • MEDA 4341 First Amendment and Ethical Issues in the Media

Digital Journalism Electives (12 hours minimum)

  • MEDA 2315 News Reporting
  • MEDA 2350 Media Performance
  • MEDA 3301 Television Criticism
  • MEDA 3313 Intermediate Production: Documentary
  • MEDA 3315 Editing I
  • MEDA 3318 Editing & Layout
  • MEDA 3340 Photojournalism
  • MEDA 3361 Sports Writing
  • MEDA 3380 New Media and Communication
  • MEDA 4342 Global Media and International Communication
  • MEDA 4343 News Publication
  • MEDA 4399 Media Arts Internship

Teacher Certification - Speech

Students choosing Speech Communication as a teaching field must satisfy the requirements listed below as well as those for the major in Communication.  All students seeking seeking certification  in Speech Communication should select a faculty advisor in the communication area to help them select appropriate courses.  Students are also urged to consult the Certification Office of the College of Education for complete and current information about the teacher certification requirements.

Requirements for the secondary certification plan in Speech Communication are as follows (total 30 semester hours):

  • MEDA 1307 Media and Society
  • COMM 1318 Interpersonal Communication [common course SPCH 1318]
  • COMM 2333 Small Group Communication [common course SPCH 2333]
  • COMM 3311 Nonverbal Communication
  • COMM 3330 Persuasion
  • COMM 3335 UIL Debate and Speech
  • COMM 4345 Intercultural Communication
  • MEDA 4341 First Amendment and Ethical Issues in the Media
  • MEDA 4395 Legal and Ethical Issues in Communication