MA Program Overview


Students will complete one of two degree tracks for the MA in Communication.  

Comprehensive Track Option:

This 36-hour degree option asks students to successfully complete examinations that cut across completed courses allowing the students to demonstrate their abilities to analyze and synthesize material.

  • 12 hours of required courses
  • 21 hours of elective courses
  • 3 hours of COMM 5394

Thesis Track Option:

This 36-hour degree option allows students to develop an area of research interest and eventually produce a comprehensive research contribution to that area. Students must apply for the thesis degree option. In addition to the required course work, student will write a master's thesis under the direction and supervision of the student's thesis committee. While this option is open for all students to apply, it is designed to prepare and qualify students for doctoral programs.

  • 12 hours of required courses
  • 18 hours of elective courses
  • 6 hours of COMM 5395 – Thesis

Course List for MA in Communication:

Required Courses:

  • COMM 5301 - Introduction to Communication Scholarship
  • COMM 5302 - Seminar in Communication Theory
  • COMM 5303 - Research Methodology
  • COMM 5304 - Seminar in Cultural Theory

Sample Elective Courses*:

  • COMM 5307 - Communication and Organizations
  • COMM 5308 - Teamwork and Leadership
  • COMM 5309 - Seminar in Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 5310 - Seminar in Intercultural Communication
  • COMM 5340 - Perspectives in Public Relations
  • COMM 5346 - Seminar in New Media

*For a full list of courses and course descriptions, please visit the courses subsection.