Undergraduate Studies

Bachelor of Fine Arts with Teaching Certification

BFA with Teaching Certification graduates will:

  • demonstrate competencies in studio art;
  • be able to successfully pass the test for State Board for
    Educator Certification enabling them to teach K-12 within the
    State of Texas;
  • have the ability to articulate principles and theories of contemporary
    art as it applies to the teaching/learning environment.

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See requirements below:

The curriculum for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree leading to teacher certification is also designed to provide professional development at the undergraduate level for the prospective teacher in the visual arts. The degree requires a minimum of 60 semester hours in art at least 30 of which must be in upper-division coursework. Admission to the BFA leading to teacher certification is by special application. Such application can be made upon completion of 30 semester hours of Art coursework, and must be made before completion of 48 semester hours of Art coursework. A CD-R consisting of work representing a variety of media must be submitted in addition to the application form. Copies of specific BFA admission policies and instructions for submitting an application to the BFA program are available at the link above (BFA Requirements).  Completed BFA applications should be submitted to the office of the Department Chair.

Major Courses

ARTS 1303 Art History Survey I
ARTS 1304 Art History Survey II
ARTS 1311 Design I
ARTS 1312 Design II
ARTS 1316 Drawing I
ARTS 1317 Drawing II

(All art course work above must be completed prior to enrollment in ARTS 3316 and ARTS 3322. Both of these courses must be successfully completed prior to student teaching.)

ARTS 3316 Art Activities I
ARTS 3322 Art Activities II
ARTS 2311 Design III: Color
ARTS 2316 Painting I
ARTS 2323 Drawing III
ARTS 2326 Sculpture I
ARTS 3301 Life Drawing
ARTS 2333 Printmaking I
ARTS 2346 Ceramics I

3 hours from:
ARTS 3304 Intermediate Sculpture
ARTS 3324 Intermediate Ceramics

6 hours from:
ARTS 3302 Intermediate Printmaking
ARTS 3303 Intermediate Painting
GRDS 1301 Foundations of Graphic Design

Art History:
3 hours from:
ARTS 3352 Modern Art, 1880-1945
ARTS 3353 Contemporary Art, 1945 to the present

3 hours from:
ARTS 3350 Art of the United States
ARTS 4350 Pre-Columbian Art of Mesoamerica
ARTS 4352 Modern Art of Mexico
ARTS 4390 Topics in Art (Art History topics only)

Students in the program are expected to spend one additional hour per week in the studio for each upper division semester hour of studio enrollment. The department is currently working on revisions of the degree plan for the BFA leading to teacher certification. Updated information will be posted online.

Other Certification Requirements
For information on required professional development courses and other teacher certification requirements, please see the College of Education section of this catalog. Students should also consult the Certification Office of the College of Education for complete and current information about teacher certification requirements. To qualify to take the TExES (Texas Examinations of Educator Standards) in the field of Art, students must meet the following criteria: 1. Make pre-specified acceptable scores on TExES practice tests, or departmental equivalent, and participate in practice test review and analysis session. 2. Provide official permit with signature of Program Coordinator or designated person for each teaching field on the student’s certification plan. Students must also qualify to take the Professional Development TExES.