Undergraduate Studies

Bachelor of Arts

BA graduates will be able to demonstrate:

  • knowledge in a variety of art media, studio techniques and
    art history;
  • the ability to clearly articulate the principles and theories of
    contemporary art as it applies to their creative interests;
  • a working knowledge of visual problem solving and
    critical thinking.

See requirements below:

The BA degree requires a minimum of 57 semester hours of art coursework. Course selections include two- and three-dimensional art, art history, design, and art electives. The College of Liberal Arts also requires at least 6 semester hours of a second language for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Art.

Major Courses

ARTS 1303 Art History Survey I
ARTS 1304 Art History Survey II
ARTS 1311 Design I
ARTS 1312 Design II
ARTS 1316 Drawing I
ARTS 1317 Drawing II
ARTS 2311 Design III: Color
ARTS 2326 Sculpture I
ARTS 2346 Ceramics I
ARTS 2316 Painting I
ARTS 2333 Printmaking I
ARTS 2356 Photography I

3 hours from:
ARTS 2323 Drawing III
GRDS 1301 Foundations of Graphic Design

Art History:
3 hours from:
ARTS 3352 Modern Art, 1880-1945
ARTS 3353 Contemporary Art, 1945 to the Present

3 hours from:
ARTS 3350 Art of the United States
ARTS 4350 Pre-Columbian Art of Mesoamerica
ARTS 4352 Modern Art of Mexico
ARTS 4390 Topics in Art (Art History Topics only)

Art Electives (upper division): 12 hrs.

All students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art Studio are required to submit an exit portfolio. The portfolio consists of a CD with 6 .jpg images that best represent their most successful coursework during their educational careers in the Department of Art. A one page written summary of their learning experience is also required.

These portfolios are due to the Department of Art office (CA 105) by the last class day of the semester in which students plan to graduate.


Joe Pena

Joe Pena

Associate Professor of Art
"Lengua IV", 2010