Students have the opportunity to work in a variety of media and processes including aluminum, bronze, cast iron and steel. Foundry practices include wood and steel fabrication, carving, ceramics and mold making.


ARTS 2326: Sculpture I
ARTS 3304: Intermediate Sculpture
ARTS 4304: Advanced Sculpture
ARTS 5308: Studio in Art: Sculpture
ARTS 5318: MFA Studio in Art: Sculpture


Jack Gron, M.F.A
Office: Center for the Arts 206A
Phone: 361-825-3473

Greg Reuter, M.F.A.
Office: Center for the Arts 116
Phone: 361-825-2315

Gregory Reuter

Greg Reuter

Professor of Sculpture
Harte Research Institute Installation

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Jack Gron

Professor of Sculpture
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