The Photography program at Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi is dedicated to creating a vibrant community of fine art photographic practitioners. Existing within a broad cultural context, photography is understood and advanced as a discipline of consistently developing technical, conceptual, and aesthetic conditions.  Courses focus on visual literacy and teach students about the narrative potential of images while also ensuring that they become fluent in both analog and digital processes. Working closely with faculty mentors, students are familiarized with a wide variety of historical and contemporary photographic work as well as photo theory, critique, and professional practices. Ultimately, students learn to use image-making as a powerful means of creation and communication.


ARTS 2356: Photography I
ARTS 3365: Intermediate Photography
ARTS 4365: Advanced Photography
ARTS 5306: Studio in Art: Photography
ARTS 5316: MFA Studio Art: Photography


Jennifer Garza-Cuen, M.F.A.
Office: MOD2 111
Phone: 361-825-2368

Jennifer Garza-Cuen
Assistant Professor of Photography

"Untitled - Female Solo, Eden, VT"