A major objective of the painting courses is to provide students with the ability to control the formal elements in creating a painting.  Through this understanding, students are able to incorporate personal expression as well as maintain visual organization.  During the program, the student will develop an understanding of content, imagery and influences.


ARTS 2316: Painting I
ARTS 3267: Water Color
ARTS 3303: Intermediate Painting
ARTS 4303: Advanced Painting
ARTS 5303: Studio in Art: Painting
ARTS 5313: MFA Studio in Art: Painting


Meg Aubrey, M.F.A.
Office:  CA 209
Phone:  361-825-2365

Joe Peña, M.F.A
Office: CA 209A
Phone: 361-825-2386

joe pena

Joe Peña

Associate Professor of Art
"Lengua IV" , 2010