The goal of our drawing courses is to develop the basic foundations of drawing through the exploration of line, texture, value, form and mark.  Our department concentrates not only on developing a student's basic rendering abilities but also his or her observational skills.  These classes will also help students improve their conceptual and verbal communication skills.  Students will learn the necessary tools which allow for success in the advanced courses of our program.


ARTS 1316: Drawing I
ARTS 1317: Drawing II
ARTS 2323: Drawing III
ARTS 3301: Life Drawing
ARTS 4301: Advanced Drawing
ARTS 5303: Studio in Art: Drawing
ARTS 5313: MFA Studio in Art: Drawing




Meg Aubrey, M.F.A.
Office:  CA 209
Phone:  361-825-2365

Joe Peña
Office:  CA 209A
Phone:  361-825-2386