Students learn basic skills of working with clay, including mixing and firing clay.  Hand building techniques such as coil and slab building and throwing on the  potter's wheel are introduced.  As they progress, students develop personal style and learn to experiment with glazing techniques.


ARTS 2346: Ceramics I ( 3 hrs. )
ARTS 3324: Intermediate Ceramics ( 3 hrs. )
ARTS 4324: Advanced Ceramics ( 3 hrs. )
ARTS 5302: Studio in Art: Ceramics ( 3 hrs. )
ARTS 5312: MFA Studio in Art: Ceramics ( 3hrs. )


Louis Katz, M.F.A
Office Phone : 361-825-5987
Office: CA 112B
Email: louis.katz@tamucc.edu

Lous Katz

Louis Katz

Professor of Ceramics