Art History

The undergraduate art history courses at TAMUCC are designed to give the studio art majors a knowledge of broad areas of art that will help them to evolve into practicing artists who can make a contribution to the development of art in the contemporary world.  Advanced courses emphasize Modern Art, Contemporary Art, and Art of the United States and Mexico.

The graduate art history courses at TAMUCC are designed to give the graduate studio art students an opportunity to delve more deeply into specific areas of art history in an intensive manner.  These explorations intend to give them a deeper understanding of art history especially in areas that will have an impact on their studio research.

Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to view works of art in museums in and outside of Corpus Christi in order to maximize the visual art learning experience.


ARTS 1303 Art History Survey I
ARTS 1304 Art History Survey II
ARTS 3350 Art of the United States
ARTS 3352 Modern Art, 1880 - 1945
ARTS 3353 Contemporary Art Since 1945
ARTS 4350 Pre-Columbian Art of Mesoamerica
ARTS 4352 Modern Art of Mexico
ARTS 4390 Topics in Art History
ARTS  5393 Seminar in Art History-Aesthetics

Study Abroad

Dr. Carey Rote has the unique opportunity to take students on study abroad programs.  The most recent trips include Florence and Rome.


Laura Petican, Ph.D., specializes in postwar and contemporary art history, with an emphasis on Italian art. Her research and publications in areas such as Arte Povera and national identity have evolved to include cross-disciplinary topics in fashion studies. Dr. Petican is also Gallery Director of the Islander and Weil Galleries.
Office: CA 208
Phone: 361-825-5752

Carey Rote, Ph.D., specializes in the art of Mexico and Guatemala, with a primary emphasis on Pre-Columbian art of Oaxaca.  She has also written on Dia de Los Muertos in Oaxaca, Mexico.  A secondary specialty is Chicano art of Texas.

Office: BH 223C
Phone: 361-825-2241

carey rote

Dr. Carey Rote

At Monte Alban