The painting studios at TAMUCC offer a wide range of artistic instruction in the fine art of painting. Starting with an in-depth understanding of the materials to be used, studies begin with traditional processes as those practiced by master technicians including Johannes Vermeer and Rembrandt Van Rijn, then continue into contemporary approaches such as multi-disciplinary and multi-media painting. While oil paint is the primary medium used, other materials are also explored including acrylic, spray paint, and ink, as well as alternative surfaces including metals and plastics. Figure and landscape painting are investigated, as well as topics in personal content, ultimately leading to intensive individual studio practice wherein the goal for each student is to develop a cohesive, competitive, and quality body of work to be used either for entrance into graduate school for further studies or towards a serious and professional career in the arts. Undergraduates have been accepted into major institutions for advanced studies, with some receiving partial or full scholarships, and graduates have received numerous accolades for their work as well as collegiate teaching posts.

Undergraduate Offerings

  • ARTS 2316 – Painting I
  • ARTS 3267 – Water Color
  • ARTS 3303 – Intermediate Painting
  • ARTS 4303 – Advanced Painting
  • Alternative Topics and Projects in Painting

Graduate Offerings

  • ARTS 5303 – Studio in Art: Painting
  • ARTS 5313 – MFA Studio in Art: Painting
  • Alternative Topics and Projects in Painting

Graduate Works

TAMUCC Painting
TAMUCC Painting

Undergraduate Works

TAMUCC Painting
TAMUCC Painting

Faculty & Staff

Pena "Saturday Night Takeout"
Pena "Saturday Night Takeout"

Joe Peña, M.F.A.
Associate Professor

Office: CA 209A
Phone: 361-825-2386

Faculty Bio

Aubrey  "Lost"
Aubrey "Lost"

Meg Aubrey, M.F.A.
Assistant Professor

Office: CA 209

Faculty Bio