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Academic Advising FAQs

Who is my advisor?

For undergraduate students, advisors are assigned by major.

Jennifer Arnold:
   Arts, Graphic Design, Music, and Theatre

Melissa Pimentel:
   Psychology (Students M-Z)
   Psychology Minors

Kathleen De La Garza:
   Psychology (Students A-L) 

Cari Loeffler:
   Criminal Justice and Political Science

Rachelle Stanley:
    Communication Studies
    CLA Graduate Studies
    Media Arts

Amy Viejo:
     English, History, Spanish, and Philosophy 

Where are the advisors located?
     Driftwood 203

Should I make an appointment or may I walk-in?
Walk-in sessions are for general questions and routine paperwork.  For example, you may complete a change of major/minor form during a walk-in session or obtain a permit to register for a particular course.  The sessions are generally limited to 15 minutes.

Appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes.  You may discuss your degree audit, complete a graduation clearance and ask specific questions.

When in doubt it is best to make an appointment.  Advisors will work with  your schedule to find an appointment time that works

How often should I see my advisor?
We recommend that you see your advisor at least once a semester.  We can verify that you are on the right track to graduation.

What happens if I am late to my appointment?
We may ask you to reschedule if you are more than 15 minutes late to the appointment


How do I register?
You should meet with your faculty mentor and / or academic advisor to decide which classes you  will take.  You may register at the Student Service Building or online through SAIL

What is a registration hold?
A registration hold will prevent you from registering from courses and from obtaining official transcripts.

How do I get a hold lifted?
You will need to determine which department has initiated the hold and contact them.  These are the most common:

  • Bursars: Please contact the Business Office at 361-825-2600.  This is a financial hold.
  • CASA: You will need to meet with your peer mentor.  Please contact the CASA at 361-825-2893.
  • COLA: Please contact your academic advisor.
  • TSI: You will need to speak with a Retention Specialist in the CASA. 

Can I register if I am on academic probation?
Yes, you may register if you are on academic probation.  We strongly recommend that you see your advisor before registering to choose appropriate courses.

How do I know if I am a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior?
SAIL will tell you your status for registration purposes.  Here are the guidelines:
Freshmen have 0-29 completed hours.
Sophomores have 30-59 completed hours.
Juniors have 60-89 completed hours.
Seniors have 90+ completed hours.



Please check for Graduation Information.


How do I change my major?
You will need to meet with the person who is advisor for your new Major.  That person will complete the necessary paperwork with you.


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